Master of Product Management in AI


Dear Master Candidate,

We are thrilled to offer our new Master of Product Management in AI program at VinUniversity. In a world where artificial intelligence is making great strides and begins to have a large societal impact, it is very important to develop the future leaders of the field in Vietnam and abroad. Our vision is that, for AI to truly have a beneficial and long-standing impact on our societies, we need to train talented individuals, who will be able to understand the big picture and some of the technical challenges of AI, and also be effective in leading technical teams, towards relevant products and industrial developments.

The Master of Product Management in AI program uniquely blends technical content, in machine learning, optimization, and related areas, with some strong emphasis on managerial and business aspects, including startups and innovation. We are confident that, equipped with a degree in AI from VinUniversity, you will be able to propel your career and positively impact our society.

Let’s be proud together!

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Laurent El Ghaoui, PhD

Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science