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FAQs - College of Engineering and Computer Science

I. Choosing a major

You are certainly not alone in your difficulty, which is very natural and well-justified. Ideally you will find a major which is both very exciting for you to study, and it also is expected to give you very good employment and long term career opportunities upon graduation. If you have to choose between the two factors, i.e. between your heart’s interest and the projected employment in a certain area, it would be advisable to go for the former rather than the latter: this is because the job market changes very fast in our times, and a field that may be hot today may not be as much in demand upon your graduation; While your true interests, although also evolving with time, are not likely to change as quickly. At VinUniversity, our expert faculty would be delighted to hear from you and advise you in this decision.

Also, at VinUni we believe in choices, so, even after you choose a major now, and you find that your interests actually lie in another aspect of engineering, we will work with you to help you switch your major and still graduate on time!

There are two factors to look for: your experience as a student during your studies, and your professional success upon your graduation. Your student experience will be related closely with the quality of the university:

  • faculty credentials, experience in teaching and research, advising and mentoring students, service in industry and their international career and reputation. While some VinUni faculty are up and coming stars, others are highly respected teachers and accomplished researchers with international reputation.
  • university infrastructure – modern, state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning, research laboratories and equipment, student activity resources and leisure/recreational facilities on campus. VinUni facilities are designed to meet the highest QS5* ranking. In addition to the lab facilities at VinUni we have the unique advantage of having access to the real life research labs within the VinGroup ecosystem.
  • programs of study: their pedagogical methods and experiential content, the active and team-based learning component to engage and nurture you in teamwork and leadership, the breadth and depth of capstone projects available, internships and exchange opportunities. VinUni is committed to use the evidence based teaching methods for the best learning experience for students.

We have closely partnered with Ivy-League Cornell University in the USA, ranking #14 in the QS system, for development and validation of its ABET-accreditable programs in Engineering and Computer Science.

  • Finally consider seriously the connections of the University with top national and international employers, to provide you with the best jobs after you get your degree. VinUniversity is perhaps globally unique in this aspect, as it was born and is surrounded by the VinGroup corporate family, the most powerful and diverse prime mover of the Vietnam economy, with job opportunities from automotive to electronics to construction management to biomedical engineering and to artificial intelligence; and with international presence in eight most developed countries.

The automotive industry is interested in and recruits graduates from all three majors currently available at VinUniversity College of Engineering and Computer Science. They employ Mechanical Engineers to design, model, simulate and analyze structure, vibration, dynamics and aerodynamics, produce and test new vehicle platforms, including their frames, engines, transmissions, suspension systems, steering and braking systems etc, along with new strong and light materials to reduce energy consumption and polluting the environment, and new restraint systems to improve passenger and pedestrian safety. They hire Electrical Engineers to develop and implement the new electrical vehicle motors, drivetrains, energy storage such as new batteries and supercapacitors, along with sensors such as cameras and sonar rings, actuators and microprocessors to implement the vehicle controls and information systems. They need the computer science engineer to develop the software for the car computer system which is in charge of managing the driving efficiency, comfort, safety systems, environmental protection etc. They also need Computer Scientists to build the platform for processing huge amount of data received from sensor systems (such as cameras, radars, and lidars) to model and analyze the behavior/reactions of surrounding pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles for  accurate prediction and safe control on self-driving cars/ autonomous vehicles. VinFast employs graduates of all three majors in its production, R&D and management lines. Also, Vin University plans to offer a cross-cutting minor program including robotics and product design.

Robotics is another exciting cross-cutting field, combining knowledge from all Engineering and Computer Science areas at VinUniversity. Your choice may depend on what interests you most: moving parts of a machine, aspects of the electrical drive and sensors, or the software aspects of a robot. No matter which major you choose, VinUniversity plans to offer a minor program, and perhaps a MS degree later on, in Robotics so that you can develop expertise in all aspects of the area. Robotics would open careers for you in the automotive, electronics, construction, retail and service industries among others, such as VinFast, VinSmart, VinCom, VinHomes etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presently a hot field, both academically (in deep knowledge, neural networks, machine learning etc)  and in exciting applications (such as medical imaging, retail service, smart car and home etc). However, all Engineering fields have components and contributions to AI, such as machine and environment models e.g. for vehicle traffic in Mechanical Engineering, medical imaging technology in Electrical Engineering etc. To capture all such cross-cutting aspects in AI, VinUniversity will offer a minor program in AI for all majors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science., as well as a separate Masters degree in AI.

II. About the majors

A mechanical engineer has the ability to make the product from an idea; design it for functionality, aesthetics, and durability; and determine the best manufacturing approach and the testing process for that product.

Mechanical engineers have central role in important industries such as

  • Manufacturing (General Electric, Bosch, Hitachi)
  • Energy (BP, Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Corporation)
  • Automotive (GM, Ford, Toyota, Vinfast)
  • Aerospace (Boeing, Airbus, NASA, SpaceX)
  • Robotics (Boston Dynamics, Mitsubishi, Omron, Fanuc)
  • Control and automation (Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, Schneider Electric)
  • High-tech companies (Apple, Samsung, Vinsmart)

The mechanical engineering students are equipped with creative thinking to design, structured thinking to create parts in a whole system, analytical tools to validate the design, manufacturing feasibility awareness.

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering program are that within a few years of graduation, a majority of our graduates will demonstrate excellence in top graduate programs; or in technical and managerial leadership tracks in technology-based industries or other sectors; or pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. In these roles they will:

  1. Apply basic knowledge of mechanical engineering principles and in-depth knowledge of one area of concentration to solve a full range of technical and societal problems;
  2. Conceive, design, and realize products, systems, and services, while properly respecting economic, environmental, cultural, safety, and ethical standards or constraints;
  3. Be leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset, effective communicators, and informed decision makers as members of multidisciplinary teams, supporting collaborative and inclusive environments;
  4. Discover and apply new knowledge, and engage in life-long learning for the profession of engineering;
  5. Engage with their communities, profession, the nation, and the world.

  1. Study in featured interdisciplinary environment including 2 other key subjects of Industry 4.0:
    • Electrical Engineering
      • Communications and Signal Processing
      • Control and Automation
      • Power and Clean Energy
    • Computer Science:
      • Machine Learning
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Big data
  1. Opportunity to study 1 extra minor specialized in Robotics, Product Design or Technopreneur
  2. World class ABET compliance Cornell certified curriculum
  3. Study with excellent students and well-known professors
  4. 1 exchange semester opportunity (at one of the top universities in USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore…) and
  5. 1 semester mentored internship (at one of the top corporations including high tech companies within Vingroup)
  6. Learn actively in hi-tech facilities with modern pedagogical approaches. (Team based learning, Project based learning)

Because of experiencing world class environment of education (with above characteristics), VinUni engineering graduates would be equally confident to follow an industry career or an academic career. For the ones selecting industry path, they will be able to become high level engineers or managers in large corporations orR&D companies. For the ones selecting the academic path, they will be well prepared for pursuing graduate programs of top universities in the world. They will possibly be supported by Vingroup’s 1100 scholarship program. All graduates from VinUni are expected to be innovative leaders, successful business men, or highly impacted scientists in the future.

Electrical engineers design and develop new electrical systems, solve problems and test equipment. They work on a diverse range of technologies, from the design of smart watches, smart phones, household appliances, telecommunication systems, electrical power stations and satellite communications. Another emerging field for electrical engineers is microelectronics to make microchips, the heart of all smart devices.

Electrical and electronics engineers work in industries including research and development, engineering services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and the federal government. Furthermore, in the VinUni engineering program, we teach you problem solving, logical thinking, and many soft skills such as communication, public speaking, leadership, management, etc. Because of this, VinUni electrical engineer can work in many high demand areas such as:

  • Renewable energy sector (wind energy, solar energy, …)
  • Microchip maker (Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, …)
  • Smart devices manufacturers (Vinfast, Vinsmart, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, …)
  • Embedded programming (FPT, Viettel, Vinsmart, …)
  • Mobile networking operators (Viettel, Mobiphone, Vinaphone, …)
  • Banking (Networking, security, …)
  • Management and consulting
  • Go further into deeper research through top graduate programs (US, UK, Singapore, …)
  • Starting a business in technology

  • The computer, tablet or smartphone you purchased recently is a masterpiece of electrical engineering design.
  • Robots are comprised of sensors, actuators, microprocessors and sophisticated feedback control systems, designed by electrical engineers!
  • Space projects – deep space communications, robust control systems, extra terrestrial GPS for navigation and positioning, power generation and storage networks, imaging systems – made possible by electrical engineers.
  • Sophisticated medical technology that you encounter in a modern hospital including CT, MRI and PET imaging machines, ECG and blood pressure monitors, all based off electrical engineering principles.

III. Curiculum

Yes to a certain extent. IF you choose a major now and decide year later that you wish to switch majors, we will work with you to identify and plan for this change. It will depend on the availability of space in the program, your demonstrated interest in the new program and your academic performance.

Within each program there are required courses that are essential to build a solid foundation for the program, and there will be many electives to choose from, so that you can create a program that is most interesting to you. Of course, there will be credit hour requirements that you will need to meet in order to graduate with your degree, and there will be prerequisites for the courses, so you will need to plan your course pathways. Student advisors will help you navigate this.

Lots. Besides working with our research active faculty, undergrads may get the opportunity to conduct research with the scientists and engineers at VinAI, VinBrain, VinFast and other VinGroup tech companies. They may also get opportunities to travel abroad and research with faculty at Cornell and Penn, depending on their talent and interest.

A semester abroad program is meant to expose our students to learning and living in a global environment with students that are also of high caliber, and with faculty who are top in their fields and can help propel the student’s interest and expertise in subject areas. During the semester abroad, students will take classes with students at the host university, and their grades will count towards their overall grade at VinUni. There will be a process to match the students’ academic program with the college abroad and the program that they can attend. Students will live on campus of the international university as part of the larger student body.

At this time, we plan to send students to the US, Australia and are working on building relationships with Asian countries.

Proficiency in English is crucial for being successful in global living and working. For students who are not yet proficient in English there will be a English prep course before the start of the school year. Additionally, English language support services will be provided to students throughout their study program at VinUni.

Interdisciplinary studies are a key feature of the academic programs at VinUni. WE expect engineers to work with business students and medical students to explore new problems, develop new solutions, push the boundaries of known and accepted norms. You will work on projects together, and can take classes together (such as project management, data analysis, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership).

VinUni will provide support for student and faculty entrepreneurial efforts, as we believe firmly in the value of inculcating and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit and capability in our students.