Ph.D. in Computer Science

Welcome Message

Dear PhD in Computer Science Applicant,

We’re excited to announce VinUniversity’s innovative PhD program in Computer Science! As the field of computer science continues to revolutionize the world, shaping the future leaders in this domain is crucial for Vietnam and the global landscape. Our vision is to cultivate exceptional minds who can not only grasp the broader implications of computer science but also possess the technical expertise to tackle complex challenges. This program equips you with the skills to create groundbreaking research and lead technical teams in developing important applications and solutions.

The PhD in Computer Science program offers a unique blend of in-depth technical coursework, encompassing areas like machine learning and algorithms, alongside a strong focus on research methodology and independent study. We are confident that a PhD in Computer Science from VinUniversity will empower you to make significant contributions to the field and positively impact society.

Join us in pioneering the future!

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Laurent El Ghaoui, PhD

Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science