March 26, 2024

Right after receiving the admission letter to pursue a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania (ranked #13 in the QS World University Rankings 2022), through the Bachelor-Master integrated program at VinUni, Vo Minh Quan – a third-year student, continues to receive good news with the Vingroup scholarship. Each year, Vingroup grants up to 100 scholarships to Vietnamese talents pursuing Master’s and PhD programs in STEM fields at over 60 universities worldwide.

Quan is also one of the outstanding students who received a Full Scholarship for the undergraduate level at VinUni. The invitation letter from the prestigious UPenn and the scholarship for Master’s studies are the most evident proofs of Quan’s relentless efforts as a mechanical engineering student. Quan shared that the academic program with research activities alongside professors, along with the opportunity to participate in an exchange program in Switzerland during one semester, has greatly contributed to his personal growth. Being exposed to and directly experiencing the international environment, and being able to take Master’s level courses as a third-year student, served as a foundation for Quan to explore the most effective learning methods at UPenn in the future.

“I have never imagined that there would be a time in my life when I would spend the first six months in Europe and the remaining six months in the United States, even at the age of 20. I have always considered studying abroad as a lifelong dream, and now it has come to me in just a few short months, of course, after three years of preparation. All that I have achieved cannot be overlooked without the tremendous support from VinUni and Vingroup. After completing my Master’s degree, I plan to continue participating in a Ph.D. program, and then return to Vietnam to challenge myself in prominent companies and research institutes, maximizing my knowledge and capabilities, thereby contributing my small efforts to Vietnam’s overall development,” Minh Quan shared.

VinUniversity students have lots of opportunities to experience studying and research at leading universities and research institutions around the world. Participating in the Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s programs at VinUniversity, students will spend the first 3-4 years studying at VinUniversity, and 1-2 years at partner universities. After 5 years, students will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by VinUniversity, and a Master’s Degree by the partner universities.