Leadership and Teambuilding Boot Camp – ID: 30315

Leadership and Teambuilding Boot Camp – ID: 30315

Leadership and Teambuilding Boot Camp

1. Course Description 

The Leadership Development programme (2 credits) includes theory learning followed by an intensive Leadership Bootcamp which is a unique course that instils foundational leadership values and skills into incoming students while bringing the class together and creating esprit de corps. Students will learn and apply basic leadership concepts and skills through hands-on learning and work individually and in team-based settings to solve complex and dynamic problems. This includes, but is not limited to, analysing leadership case studies, negotiating obstacle courses, performing basic survival skills, conducting land navigation, and more. 

The course introduces students theoretically and practically to key facets of leadership in organisations. It lays the foundations for students’ preparation to be influential leaders who can effectively work in local and global teams. The course covers aspects of self-leadership through developing self-awareness, critical thinking, resilience, and a global mindset. It builds interpersonal leadership through addressing perspective taking, conflict management, and effective feedback, and strengthens team leadership skills.

2. Course Learning Goals

  • Develop an awareness of students’ current leadership strengths
  • Lay the foundations for developing students’ leadership skills
  • Gain a foundational understanding of key elements of leadership
  • Acquire a foundational understanding of effective teamwork in organisations
  • Develop an introductory appreciation for diverse perspectives
  • Foster an introductory appreciation for a global mindset

3. Timeline & Size

Number of batches: 02

Batch 1: 5-14 September 2022 (including 3 groups, 100 students each)

Batch 2: 16-25 February 2023 (including 3 groups, 100 students each)

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