Congratulations to VinUni Professor for Being Top 5 Most Cited Vietnamese Scientist

November 27, 2020

Professor Do Ngoc Minh – Vice-Dean of VinUniversity is celebrated among Top 5 Vietnamese scientists with the most academic citations. Statistics on scientific research citations are published annually by the Mendeley Foundation (UK). It is a pioneer and reputable organization in academic information management, supported by scientists from Cambridge University and Johns Hopkins University.

The publication of statistics on academic citations aims to create transparency and help new scientists find relevant research resources, promoting scientific research globally. Based on statistics from Mendeley, the VietSearch team has compiled a list of the 150 most cited Vietnamese scientists.

For scientists, the number of citations affirms the value of the research – it shows the recognition of work for being not only of high impact but also building and synthesizing within the literature and foster future studies. Scientific research is highly respected and sought after in higher education. It is one of the most important criteria to define a prominent university on the world stage.

Before joining VinUni, Professor Minh was a professor at Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign, one of the top 10 technological universities in US. He has a strong research foundation with the H-Index at 60, which is amazing, especially for the young scientist in the field of natural sciences. In addition to 70 scientific publications, 63 presentations at international conferences, Professor Do Ngoc Minh has been honored with excellent awards from the National Science Fund in US, the IEEE International Conference, etc. His field of study is also intensive, with the most cited research being “The contourlet transform: an efficient directional multiresolution image representation”.

VinUni boasts a high concentration of professors and faculties who have taught at leading universities in the world while publishing significant academic papers in their fields (For more information about faculty and publication, please visit

Having superior scientific research is one of the critical pillars to ensure the academic quality of VinUni. VinUni aims to continuously attract brilliant students and academics, in Vietnam as well as around the world, to come study and work at the university. This strong foundation will inspire and encourage VinUni students to approach scientific research in-depth to facilitate and disseminate innovation.