VinUniversity successfully signs another letter of intent on the 3+2 program with the University of Technology Sydney

August 20, 2021

Following the recently announced Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs with Cornell University (USA), VinUniversity just signed another Letter of Intent on the 3+2 Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Program with the University of Technology Sydney (ranked 11th among young universities globally). Accordingly, students of VinUniversity’s College of Engineering and Computer Science will have the option of pursuing their first 3 years at VinUni and their subsequent 2 years at the University of Technology Sydney. After 5 years, they will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree awarded by VinUniversity and a Master’s degree awarded by the University of Technology Sydney.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is ranked 11th globally in the Top 50 under 50 universities (young universities under 50 years old) and is a member of the Australian Technology Network – a network of 5 leading Australian universities in technology and innovation. UTS particularly emphasizes practice and real-world applications, with 80% of their research having positive impacts on real life (according to the Australian Research Council, 2018).

Concurrent with the 3+2 and/or 4+1 programs signed with Cornell University, this collaboration with UTS continues to open up learning opportunities for VinUni students, especially those who wish to experience the Australian academic environment.

Students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science will gain 4 stand-out advantages if they apply for this program:

1️⃣ Students “save” from 0.5 to 1 academic year compared to the usual 4-year bachelor’s and 1.5 – 2-year master’s programs.

2️⃣ Students are educated at both VinUni – an elite university with the mission to nurture talents for the future – and at UTS – a leading technology university in Australia.

3️⃣ Students not only have the time to mature in their home country and better understand Vietnamese culture, but also to integrate with the diverse and active community in Sydney, Australia.

4️⃣ Students have the opportunity to be fully funded for their 2 years abroad at UTS through Vingroup’s 1,100 Science and Technology Scholarships Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. This program covers all tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, round-trip airfare, and related expenses for qualified students.

Previously, in late 2020, the University of Technology Sydney and VinUniversity signed an agreement on student exchange programs. With this agreement, from the Spring term of 2021, VinUniversity students can participate in the student exchange program with the University of Sydney, and vice versa, on a 1:1 ratio. The program is mutually recognized and awards equivalent credits to students from both universities.