Cornell University and VinUniversity Signed the Letter of Intent to Explore Dual Degree (UG from VinUni and Masters’ from Cornell) Opportunities

July 29, 2021

We are delighted to report that VinUniversity and Cornell University (US) signed the Letter of Intent to explore integrated 3+2 and/or 4+1 Bachelor’s – Master’s programs for students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Business and Management.

With the proposed 3+2 program, students will study for the first 3 years at VinUni and for the next 2 years at Cornell. With the 4+1 program, students will spend 4 years at VinUni and the final year at Cornell. After 5 years, these students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree awarded by VinUniversity and a Master’s degree awarded by Cornell University. Please note that these proposals need formal approval from the governing bodies of each university and therefore it will take several months (approximately 1 year) for the official announcement from each university. It is expected that the students entering VinUni during 2020 and following academic years will be able to participate in this program.

The program has 4 stand-out advantages compared to traditional programs:

1️⃣ Students “save” from 0.5 to 1 academic year compared to the usual 4-year bachelor’s and 1.5 – 2-year master’s programs.

2️⃣ Students are educated at both VinUni – an elite university with the mission to nurture talents for the future – and at Cornell – a world-class institution that’s ranked 19th in the whole world.

3️⃣ Students not only have the time to mature in their home country and better understand Vietnamese culture, but also to integrate with the active and creative environment in New York, USA.

4️⃣ Students have the opportunity to be fully funded for their 2 years abroad in the US through Vingroup’s 1,100 Science and Technology Scholarships Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. This program covers all tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, round-trip airfare, and related expenses for qualified students in Science and Technology majors.

The fact that VinUni has signed the Letter of Intent on the integrated Bachelor’s – Master’s programs with a top global university like Cornell underscores the equivalent educational quality at the two universities. Furthermore, with its reputation as a world-class university in the Ivy League, Cornell always sets extremely high standards when it comes to selecting their partner universities, and VinUni is one of the few institutions that Cornell has trusted to collaborate.


Cornell University, ranked 19th globally according to Times Higher Education 2021, is a strategic partner of VinUniversity. Cornell’s Hotel Administration program was ranked 1st in the world for 4 consecutive years from 2015 to 2018 by CEO World. A member of the Ivy League, Cornell is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the US, and is one of the top 12 universities with the highest number of Nobel laureates. As a strategic partner, Cornell takes part in advising, building, and evaluating VinUniversity’s educational programs, as well as in hiring faculty, establishing best-practice student recruitment processes, and supporting VinUniversity students in receiving opportunities to live and learn at Cornell.