VinUni Hackathon – A Look at the Non-Stop 36-Hour Competition

March 31, 2021

Thrilling, intense, interesting – that is how VinUniversity students describe the 2021 VinUni Hackathon. The first-ever VinUni Hackathon revolves around the topic of “Environment and Sustainability”. The program aims to provide students with fundamental skills beneficial to their journey to become pioneering leaders and also to promote constructivism in trying to solve major social challenges. A total of US$ 15,000 will be awarded to the 5 most dedicated and passionate teams to realize their innovative ideas and make a real impact that matters.

The Hackathon, led by the College of Business & Management, is the Agile Innovation course’s final project, in which all first-year students will get to experience an intense, yet exciting, 36 hours to collaborate and try to solve a problem.

Let’s take a look at what happened during the past sleep-less 36 hours!

(*) A hackathon is an event that usually involves computer programming and software development. A hackathon commonly requires participating teams to collaborate in a limited amount of time, usually a continuous span of a few days, to create or design a proof of concept to a solution for the given problem/challenge.

Recently, hackathons have become a phenomenon and attracted the attention of many investors as it helps to find amazing talents and breakthrough solutions. It is also a big part of tech giants’ culture such as Google and Facebook as it helps bring together talents and give birth to innovation and ground-breaking ideas.