VinUnians Spread their Passion for Technology

February 6, 2021

Last January, VinMaker Society, the engineering club of VinUniversity, proudly co-organized the highlighted STEAM Festival at Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2021 in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park. STEAM Festival has successfully attracted 8,000 visitors with various scientific interactive games and exhibitions booth showcasing high-tech devices.

At the Festival, our talented VinUnians enthusiastically showed their love for science and technology through highly-applicable self-made products such as Tensegrity, Perpetual Motion, etc and many interesting games like Poly Bridge, Egg Drop, Buzzwire. Besides VinMaker, VinHarmony and Vin-A-House also collaborated to host and coordinate the event, to interview managers of leading technology firms, and to perform creatively.

Let’s relive the event’s key moments through the video below!